Energy Car Perfume with LED

Energy Car Perfume with LED

Detailed Product Description 
Luxury car dashboard crystal perfume bottle with solar LED light
1. Crystal car perfume bottle with 7 color changing solar LED light;
2. Rechargeable in the daytime and illuminates when it is getting dark;
3. Fashion design and cool style;
4. Long lasting scent, ideal luxury car freshener.

1. Innovate design car perfume with popular model and long lasting scent, capacity 10ml;
2. Shaped scent bottles with different top styles;
3. New fashion design for car dashboard, the perfume bottle will illuminate when it is getting dark, auto changing multi colors;
4. The LED light source is solar and it will auto charge the scent bottle battery when you put your car in a sunny place
5. Can give energy according to the color.

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